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Saturday, March 1, 2008

City Chicks

We have an addition to the Loudon family, well actually 6..... little chicks! After many years of wanting and one failed attempt Dan has finally gotten his chickens...well chicks we'll see if we end up with 6 chickens.
After talking about it for the past few weeks I was glad to finally get them so I could stop hearing the question from Caleb "mom are we getting the chicks today?"

They are Barred Rocks

A boy proud of his flock!
We call her peeper 1...yes they are all hers.

Now is that the look of a chicken farmer or what?

Do notice the obsessing dog off to the left suddenly Jack's life has new meaning

It was big excitement to drive out to the "country" to find a feed store that sells chicks. If you are in the market I will let you know from Birmingham you head out to Wilsonville.

Stay tuned for regular chicken up dates but for now that is all from this City Chicken update

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rachel said...

Oh boy I'll be interested to see how this turns out!