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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No Spirit of '76

For Ella's 4th birthday we decided to get Ella her own girlie bike, until now she has been riding Caleb's old yellow very boy bike.

Ella's new bike is pink and purple with princesses all over it and tassels on the handle bars, it's the ultimate girlie girl bike and Ella loves it! When I went to Wal-Mart I was tempted to buy the cheaper girl bike the Seastar it too was pink and purple but instead of princesses it has a star fish and was no where as cool as the princess bike, but the $20 savings appealed to the frugal side of me.
After considering it for just a moment the memory of Dan's most disappointing Christmas ever came to mind. He was like 8 years old and had been asking for a bike, well on Christmas morning his dad rolls out this cool tough black bike called something like the black widow and he was beyond excited about how good he was going to look on HIS bike. Much to his dismay it was not for him but for his older brother, then out comes HIS bike red, white, and blue with a banana seat and tassels from the handle bars...the Spirit of '76... not at all cool!
So as I fight my cheapness I remember the Spirit of '76 and the answer is clear, princesses are worth the extra $20, besides if I had gotten the Seastar Dan would have taken it back that night for the Princess bike...those scars never fade!

Ella is now a biker chick it's all she wants to do!


Anonymous said...

She looks like she loves it! What a cute dress, love the polka dots! Just stoppin by from SITS

rachel said...

hahaha this made me really laugh. i can hear Dan re-telling the trauma of "The Spirit of '76". I'm sure he was proud you forked out the $20.