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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Nervous, Excited, Scared...Kindergarten

I'm ready to go was the announcement I heard from Caleb this morning as he got out of bed and proceeded to lay down on the couch.

The big day has finally arrived and I can hardly believe it after so much talk and planning here it is Kindergarten. Nervous, excited, scared, worried and a little sad were all the emotions I was feeling this morning as I packed my BIG boy's lunch and helped him get ready for school.

If he was nervious he never showed it...he sat right down and kept to himself lost in the crowd of children. As I watched him in morning assembly I got teary eyed but refused to cry because no one else was crying and did not want to be the one responsible for making all the moms cry!

After the assembly he lined up with his class and marched off lunch box in hand...my baby in Kindergarten!


Jeremy & Kim said...

Okay, well I guess there is no hope for me when my day comes because I am crying just reading this!!!

Aunty Mary said...

Awww...they are so big!!! I miss them so much. I can't believe Caleb is going to real school already. My little guy is all grown up:(