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Monday, July 7, 2008

Indiana Caleb and the Basement of Doom!

This weekend was Caleb's 6th birthday and what did he want...why Indiana Jones of course! We decided on an Indy adventure with games and clues that lead you to a treasure.

Our story was that the "bad guys" were trying to steal the Ark from Indy and we had to follow the clues they left to find the Ark before they did.

The first stop on the adventure was the mummy gallery, we broke up into 3 teams and each team had to wrap a teammate up like a mummy. Their next clue fell out of the "mummy paper"

The next stop was poison dart danger, each child picked a blowgun (straw) and they had to see which one could shoot a poison dart (Qtip) the farthest. Sorry no pics of them actually doing this but it was funny!

The next stop was supposed to be the Big Dig but due to a pre-party rain storm we decided digging in the mud was not a good idea and it turned into the Big Find. Dan hid 6 rocks in Jimmy's side yard and the kids had to find all 6 to get the next clue.

Their next clue lead them to our back yard for a Water gun Shootout this of course was a favorite with the boys they could have played this all day

The next clue was that the bad guys had just finished eating dinner and left some clues in the left over food. They had to find the dinner feast and dig through the left over food to find the last clue that would lead them to the ark
Monkey brains (jello) Snake eyes(grapes) and beetle guts(spaghetti)
Kids ready to dig it...it became a free for all!
Clean up time
Now on to the Basement of Doom! Our neighbors David and Kristie let us use their storm cellar to hide the Ark it's dark, smelly, and even had a skeleton hanging from a nail!

The ark is found!
Carefully caring it out...they all are very careful not to touch the Ark!
Taking it back to base camp
Splitting up the "booty"

With the adventure over it is time for some cupcakes...Happy Birthday Caleb!
Birthday Boy enjoying his cupcake
Looks good Cooper

Avery digs in!

It was a GREAT party and I am so glad we spent so much time planning it, Caleb had a GREAT ADVENTURE DAY!


trudy bezet said...

Cooper told me at church that Caleb had a very special birthday party. So, I have been waiting for these pics to get on the blog! WHat an amazing party Caleb!!! It looks like you and your buddies had a blast! The best ever!

Amie Ezelle said...

Pam, my birthday is in a week, can you come up with some sort of cool party for me? If so, when can I pick you up at the San Jose airport? I think I might like an Indy adventure party too!

Good job and very creative. I think you are super mom and I am sure you had help so Dan must be super dad :-)

Mary said...

Ok Pam we really need to start that party planning biz. Your really good at it already. You said it was fun but wow you didn't give yourself enough credit. That was an awesome B-day!

Jennifer said...

ya'll are amazing! i'm so impressed!