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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Make a pizza make a pizza

ready set....go

This past weekend we went to North Carolina in honor of Dan's birthday...I decided he just needed a break. It was the first time the kids saw any amount of snow and of course the first time on skis. The first day all went well Dan worked with Caleb and helped him learn how to snow plow aka make a pizza. And he went down the "real" mountain with Dan a couple of times and all went well.
Then came my turn, Dan took Ella and I put on the skis...wow had it really been 10 years well not quite it was 2000 when I last tried skiing. Got on the skis and it did all come back to me, in fact it was fun! I took Caleb down and we did great in fact he said "you go faster than dad" score one for mom

Day 2 we decided Ella was going to join in and she was ready so we rented skis for everyone and after a little practice Dan decided we were ready to go as a family. He was going to take Ella down and I would take Caleb, fine I thought since it went so well the day before. We get off the lift all is well we start down Caleb is trailing behind holding a pole and he swings out wide goes off to the side and ends up near the trees. He struggles to get up, it's slick, he slips, he gets scared "I don't want to die" are his exact words. After about 5 minutes which seemed like 30 during which I threaten to leave him and he ends up pulling me down I finally make him take his skis off and walk down to Dan who is waiting with Ella.
Dan convinces me I can take Ella down and he will get Caleb down, I was scared but determined to do it and I did. So that was how we skied for the rest of the day me with Ella and Dan with Caleb.
So how do you take a 3yr old non-skier down? Squatting down with her in front holding on to your poles plowing the whole way. Let me tell you my body hurt all over that night

sometimes you just need a little push

Day 1 Dan helping Caleb down

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Amanda said...

Thanks for stopping by from SITS today.

Those are some great pictures of your kids skiing. Those little ones at the mountains always amazed me.

and for muscle aches I bet you thighs are aching! that is always the worst part for me when I haven't been in awhile!