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Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Honey of a Day

Last week we harvested the first of our honey from our bee hives. Herman, Dan's bee mentor, helped us with the first batch. We have now cared for hives from establishment of a hive to harvesting honey. Now if we can keep our hives healthy and happy to harvest again we will be doing good.

Removing of the first frame most bees should be gone but you still have to be careful of the hangers on. Jack oversees the whole process
The honey is sealed off with a wax seal that must be removed to get the honey

Cutting away the wax seal. Wax, comb and honey all go into a bucket together

Look at that beautiful honey

You would not believe how heavy these frames are they are full of honey at least 5 pounds

Everything goes into the first straining this removes all the big stuff
Next it is run through a fine mesh then it is ready to bottle. This year we got 48 pints from our 2 hives next spring it is possible to double that number...honey anyone?
When we were done we invited a few neighbors over for an evening of biscuits and honey
Now if we could some how fit a cow in the back yard we would be the land of milk and honey.

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Jennifer said...

oh yum! i would love some if you still have any!