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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Super Mario Birthday Party

So the Mario Party has come and gone and my little boy is 8 now YIKES how did that happen? Sometimes when I am working on an epic party like this one I wonder am I crazy why do I take all this on? The answer to that question is simple because time flies way to fast and my children are growing up right in front of my eyes and epic parties like this one will be a great memory for him.
So how did the birthday go? To quote Caleb "That was the best birthday ever!"...success!

Here's the Birthday Boy now we know what he'd look like with a handlebar mustache...it works. The fabulous cake was made by my sister Paula and as you can see was incredible!

Our plan was throughout the party the kids would win coins for the various games then at the end of the party they would cash the coins in for prizes...this is our prize table.

Upon arrival each child picked a coin box inside the coin revealed if they were a Mario or a Luigi then they got their hat and mustache.
The week before his party Caleb drew, cut, and colored Mario decorations..he was very serious about this project Good Job Caleb!

Wii play station the kids took turns as they arrived

Yoshi eggs for a game called Yoshi egg smash I cracked a small hole in the eggs, shook out the insides, cleaned them, and filled them with confetti and a few with gold stars. The kids then smashed them against a wall to see if they got a star and won a coin. I can't believe I didn't get a pic of the smashing!

All our Marios and Luigis and of course Princess Peach

Dan was our official Bowzer in Bowzer Tag

Now on to some of that yummy Mario cake

And finally to destroy the pinata I spent all week gluing, but all those layers of news paper paid off because it took a lickin!

The stick broke before the pinata did!

It was a great birthday and I think everyone had a great time, but most of all Caleb had a GREAT 8th birthday!


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oooo... I love the pinata!!!! awsome idea...

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