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Monday, January 19, 2009

No books for our Children

I am all for safety, I don't let my kids play with matches, knives or in the street and yes they wear helmets while on their bikes. But I live in America where I am free to decide what is safe and what is not I don't need the government to tell me what is safe.
Saturday I posted about the Consumer safety act that states all item for children under 12 must be tested for lead and other toxins or it is illegal to sell. I thought this only applies to clothes and toys and I am concerned for how that will affect handmade items, consignment stores. What I did not know is it applies to books too, yes now books are unsafe. All those great old books from our childhood may be deemed unsafe for our children. Because the act is unclear libraries don't know what it mean for their future but one possible outcome is children under 12 will be ban from libraries.

If you can't believe this follow this link, Congress bans kids from libraries

I can't imagine a world without libraries and books...what is our world coming to? Is this America I live in?


OilGirl said...

Wow, I wish the government was that zealous about keeping harmful heavy metals out of the kids vaccinations!

rachel said...

It's all crazy! The testing requirements do not include yard sale, second hand, consignment items though only the manufactures have to test. But I'm sure that will change in the future too. Ridiculous.