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Monday, November 15, 2010

Couponing Week 2

So far since I've started couponing I have not used any coupons, weird I know but all the sites say you have to start by saving up coupons to match those to the sales. What I am seeing is if I make a menu, shop the best price for those items we don't spend nearly as much as if I don't have a plan. Last week I spent $129.45 for our weekly groceries and this included a splurge at Whole Foods for cheese. These numbers are strictly for groceries I don't include any cleaning supplies or dog food, I have just wanted to get a good idea on how much of our money we eat.
So far I have spent $4.00 on news papers and saved $0. Another major problem I have is I can't print coupons off the Internet, I think I have to change my security settings...when I say I have to change of course I mean Dano;)


Mary said...

Yep that's the same problem I'm having I can't find coupons for the things we don't buy. I have used maybe 2 coupons and those came in food I bought like butter or pasta. What I've seen is I would have to drive to 20 different stores to buy 10 things and save $5, so by the time you add gas I've actually lost money.

Like you I do better to budget for month plan a menu and grocery shop for that menu trying to plan off sale items. Our biggest expenses are meat, dairy products, and fresh veggies I find coupons for some of the dairy products but not the others. Most of what I find is premade dinners that we never eat. I've about given up on coupons.

Mary said...

Correction "I can't find coupons for the things we buy." (not don't buy)