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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Surgery,Dinner, Broken Bones and Princesses

So the last 2 weeks have been insane and gone by in a whirl wind. They started off with Caleb having his adenoids out.

He was quite excited about the fact that he got a popsicle and the fact that Ella would be so jealous. He also liked the fact that he got to wear his pajamas to the hospital. And when we got there he got to wear a "cool" gown.

The surgery went well and to quote the Dr "those were huge". In recovery he was asking for Jack and the nurse thought he wanted to eat at Jack's but for those of you who know Caleb you know what he wanted. Fortunatly his other nurse had already met Mr. Old Jack.

Finally came the best part of all

the popsicle, which made and discomfort of the surgery worth while. To quote Caleb "that wasn't so bad". He managed to take it easy for a few hours but by that afternoon was swinging on his rope swing and came to me and said"mom I'm starving I need a cheeseburger" so much for all the soft food I purchased! The funniest part of the whole day was when Ella was wanting some attention and Caleb said"Ella it's not about you today, it's about me".

The Saturday after Caleb had his adenoids out we headed down to Dothan to help my parents with their first farm dinner. What is a farm dinner you ask? Well just that a dinner on the farm with food grown on the farm or nearby. We had a great group of people and the evening was just beautiful the "crowning" moment was when the full moon rose up over the farm a beautiful sight to behold. For pictures go to Waterberry Farm here

Just when I thought life was going to slow down and I could get ready for Ella's 3rd birthday, Ella fell out of the car getting out one afternoon. She complained her elbow (meaning shoulder) hurt but we just thought she wrentched it, but Friday morning it was clear to me something more was wrong. Sure enough she had broken her collar bone, poor girl. As a bribe to get through the long day at the docs I promised we would get ice cream on the way home. While at the grocery picking out ice cream Caleb kept saying what he wanted Ella says frustrated "it's about me today Caleb!"
Finally Ella's birthday is here and after working late into the night I got it all done. All our little princesses showed up and so did Cinderella. It was a good party, Ella is still talking about it but boy did it leave me exhausted.
So this week has been about R&R and getting back on schedule

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